Sunday, December 18, 2016

3rd of July, Provo Utah...with my good friend Donna and her grand daughter
Kanaraville Hike  on 4th of July
The hike followed a stream into a slot made it a very comfortable hike for July
My family three summers ago minus Winston, Edie, Claire and Loida
My family this summer with EVERYONE!  What a great bunch of people.
This is Brooke showing her frisbee skills.  She did pretty good as seen by the victory dance.
The summer has come and gone with little to no recording from me.  I have totally flopped on the journal side of things.  It was a great summer too...lots to record. 
This is Eli skyping with Loida's niece in China.  They are the same age and they had fun asking each other questions about their lives.  Life is pretty amazing.
Loida was able to go to the American Fork temple for her first time. 

What Makes Christmas, Christmas to Me

Making whipped honey ....makes Kim happy

Traditions make Wynette happy
Holy Cow but I made my Almond Joys waaaaaaay too big.  Last night Kim made his whipped honey while I dipped chocolates. We are still recovering sickies and not adventurous at all this Christmas season.  Kim's mom always made chocolates  for Christmas in addition to passing around a HUGE box of See's that her brother sent her each year.  I have never seen any box as big since or before.  HUGE. We ate it all ....easily.
I was reading the Jan. Ensign this morning and it had a wonderful article titled: Prophetic Principles of Faithfulness.   Elder Grow talked about returned missionaries and what is a defining point in church activity post mission.  I loved what he had to say and thought...that is Christmas to me.  I will explain.  "When we fail to pray and study the scriptures, the influence of the Spirit in our life is weakened, lowering our resistance to temptation. " 
So what makes Christmas to me is remembering my blessings, my family, the gospel and how we strengthen one another to remember and live Christlike lives every day. 
The chocolates are extra....remembering Mom Christensen and her tins of homemade chocolates. Yum.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Merry Month of....June

I am trying hard to catch my breath this month.  It is such fabulous weather and everything is green, growing and busting out.  I just want to relax and enjoy but it is not to be. 
Where to begin?  Let's start with our new living room set.  The deal of the day.  We moved our living room furniture downstairs.  Change is in the air.  Our living room sat empty.  I looked for a new set and we found this ( refer to picture).  Earlier in the week, we moved a couch and loveseat to Dallin's house .  Easy peasy.  So we decided to save the $100 delivery and move the set ourselves.   Fast forward to the freeway as we merrily drive home but stop to secure the plastic coverings that were flapping.  I think I went in to shock as I discovered the loveseat was no where to be found.  I listened for the sirens that I thought for sure would follow as someone could not help but plow into the flying furniture.  We hoped back in the car to retrace our steps and found the loveseat just waiting for us at the side alley, tucked safely away from the fast moving cars.  Can you hear my relief?  We felt ever so blessed.  The loveseat will never be what it started out as that day, but that is okay.
Weddings, weddings, and more weddings.  We went to Magna for the reception of our niece's son.  It was a beautiful night.  Then we went to Brooke's house in Layton so that we could help them lay the sod for their house.

 Father's Day and our birthdays usually come all in one week.  Kim got me this bird feeder.  I visualized sitting in our back yard watching exotic birds flitting in and daintily picking up the seed.  Ha.   Ha Ha.
I got a few scenes of birds pecking each other, slopping the seed out of the cute little house and all over the patio, and the doves attacking the little birds to scare them off.  They cleaned the joint out in one day.  My sweet neighbor Lorraine in the picture below told me I didn't want a bird feeder.  I'm a believer.  
 Kim is getting a giant scone at the Heber Valley girl's camp.  We missed the four inches of snow they got on Tues. and the two bears that went running towards everyone on Wed. but we got lots of different versions of what happened and Navajo tacos!!  YUM.
 These are Kim's siblings.  See any family resemblance?  Not the squinting part.  We enjoyed being together at the Idaho Falls temple for Karen's daughter's wedding.    It was nice to see everyone.  It was a beautiful day.  We enjoyed going to the cemetery and homestead to hear some great memories from Kim about his family and Shelly, Idaho.

We always save the best for last.  This is our China boy and cute wife.  How we have missed them.  They are here.  Aren't those the nicest looking faces?  Did I say how much we have missed them.  It is a treat to just listen to them talk about anything.  No cutting out, no static, no shut down.  I can't wait for the rest of our gang to get here.  It will be as close to heaven as I will get.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day

I am glad that our country has a day where we honor our Veterans and our dead.  We had a sweet time remembering our family and relatives and what they did that helps make who we are.  We had a great time "hanging out" at the cemetery in Spanish Fork and Brigham City.  Now it is graduation and wedding craziness....and my tap recital.  Oh May--how nice.   We got a journal for a graduate and on the front it has this quote from Benjamin Franklin:  Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. 
Now if someone would just do my yard work and housework. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Life Can Be Weird ....

My Monday temple day brought an unexpected blessing as I met someone that I had seen in video.  When the church posted the video of Bryce,  another one was posted of a family not too far from us.  Danelle recognized me and we had a sweet moment together as we realized who each other was.  Always something left to remind me....

Long ago like 40 plus years, Kim served a mission to Hong Kong.  In this picture is Erminia that lived in Hong Kong when Kim was a missionary.   Next to Erminia are the Williams.  They are studying Russian at the MTC because in July they will be going there ( Nobosibirsk) to be Mission President.  Mike served at the same time as Kim and taught Erminia who was a young high school student.  It was a happy reunion and time of  nostalgia  as we looked at pictures Mike had of Hong Kong during his mission. 

This is  my fridge.  When the kids were growing up I never put anything on the fridge.  I was into clean not cluttered look.  I have changed obviously.  I don't think we had so many announcements when the kids were growing up anyway.  Just when I retire one, another takes it place.   They remind me of being young and in love.  Now I am older...not old! and in love.  I am so grateful that I was smart enough to marry Kim.  I knew it was a good thing but I didn't know how good!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Ride of a Life Time

Trying out the hammock...has a few kinks

Easter afternoon enjoying the beautiful day

Counting up the eggs just in case one was missed!
Our 38th anniversary came and went with little fanfare.  Kim had meetings on the 17th so we waited until the next day to celebrate.  We were going to hike Ding and Dang...just to see if we still could but with my mother's accident, it accelerated our backyard work.  We spent the day shopping for things, eating at Cafe Rio and bowling at BYU.  It was the first time we bowled by ourselves.  No friends.  No kids.  No grandkids.  We still had fun! Must mean we were meant to be.  They have been good years and we reflected all that day on how glad we are that we had each other. 
Easter was different this year.  We went up to Layton and spent the afternoon with Brooke's family.  We hid ( I use that term loosely) eggs for the kiddies and spent time at the park.  It was fun to see all the families out barbecuing and spending the day together.   We got my mother at my sister's on the way home.  We turned my sewing / craft room into a bedroom and put her upstairs close to everything.  Every day an adventure as she continues the process of healing and learning to walk again.
  We went with Kim's department to Salt Lake and did all things Family History like index names at the Family History Center.
My favorite part was the flowers.  I could not get enough time to look at the beauty that was everywhere!!!

Saturday was Willie's wedding.  Donna said they got into the car to drive to the Draper temple and  it would not start.  They had to take the truck.  The only other time that happened was the day of Bryce's accident.  I was already pretty emotional so that began the day for me.  The reception was beautiful and we were so grateful for good weather.
His wedding reminded me how much life is like a roller coaster ride.   We each have the ride that is suited just for us and is as different as each of our personalities.  Sometimes we can see what is ahead and prepare for it and other times, it is a complete surprise but there is no way to get off the ride and we just have to hold on for dear life.  There are moments where wonderful vistas open to view and we can breath easy.  Then there are times when our stomach goes up to our throats and to our surprise we are just screaming. 
That is how I felt when Willie got married.  I knew it was coming but I still wasn't prepared for the emotions I felt. 
I have pondered why this event has touched me so deeply.  I have gone to many receptions and baby showers because of Bryce's friends.  It has been bittersweet but doable.  I openly sobbed when Bryce's friends gathered as we have so often done with them before to take pictures.  It was like the door really closed this time.  Bryce was no longer Willie's best friend.  Bryce was stuck at 21 and not moving on. 
I am grateful for each and every twist and turn in my ride.  I would not change a thing.  I am glad that I can move on and I just have to say that being a wife and mom is the best thing I ever did...bring on those loops!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Raspberries, check. Onions, check. ....

Spring is definitely trying hard to get to Utah.  My daffodils are so brave.  The heat vacillates to cold without notice.  It has been hard to get out there when the weather is good since life keeps throwing curves.  It has been hard to watch my mom as she continues to be tutored in enduring to the end.  I don't ever want to go there but have no false hopes of smooth sailing.  The drive to Salt Lake is still at the bottom of my favorite things list but I am grateful that I can spend that time with my mom and am constantly reminded of the value of good health!

Last week we stained the concrete and this week we got the pergola up!  It looks a little bare but we will get the picnic table down and put the grill back on the patio, etc.  With some potted plants, a hammock and some other "stuff", hopefully it will look good. 
The bees are coming out and Kim has been busy feeding them for a jump start.

 We got the garden tilled, compost on and the Walla Walla onions are in the ground.  We amended the soil where our raspberries were but not producing and got some new varieties ( I am still feeling the thorns...) into the dirt. 
It feels good to get some of our list checked off.  We have so much to do in the backyard.  It is going to be great.

We had to do one fun thing this weekend so we rode the Lindon/ Murdock trail with our bikes.  It was a perfect day to ride with clouds making it cooler.  You can see Kim loading the bikes if you have good eyes and the trail above the parking lot.  We rode to Highland from PG ...about 11 miles round trip.  Not real far but after a day working in the garden, hauling off pruning, and dumping dirt, it was just enough to make us sleep real good last night. 
Thin Mint and Andes Mint Rice Crispy TreatsThe last thing I did was make these mint rice crispy treats for a missionary to be in our ward for Sunday.  She has been an amazing example to me as I have watched her grow and become a very beautiful person.  She talked more like a returned missionary than one that is just leaving and she is beyond her 19 years as far as understanding the gospel and how to live it.  Sometimes, I like to just watch these "children" as I did today in Primary and think who they are going to become.  It would be so cool if we could always remember their potential and forget their wiggles and wild ways.  She is a living example of one who overcame many obstacles and did something remarkable and continues to.  My cookies did not look as good but they have the potential to look awesome if I keep practicing but then I would eat them so I will quit while I can!