Sunday, December 18, 2016

3rd of July, Provo Utah...with my good friend Donna and her grand daughter
Kanaraville Hike  on 4th of July
The hike followed a stream into a slot made it a very comfortable hike for July
My family three summers ago minus Winston, Edie, Claire and Loida
My family this summer with EVERYONE!  What a great bunch of people.
This is Brooke showing her frisbee skills.  She did pretty good as seen by the victory dance.
The summer has come and gone with little to no recording from me.  I have totally flopped on the journal side of things.  It was a great summer too...lots to record. 
This is Eli skyping with Loida's niece in China.  They are the same age and they had fun asking each other questions about their lives.  Life is pretty amazing.
Loida was able to go to the American Fork temple for her first time. 

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